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O-mei Students

O-mei is proud of the many achievements our students have accomplished.

We have seen our students grow and change over the years in character, personality, and health.

Some of our students have applied what they have learned in their personal lives and have accomplished their dreams and goals thru wushu.


15th World Wushu Championships - Shanghai, China

Mia Tan - 3rd Daoshu

2019 USWKF Team Trials

Group A - Alex Ni, Mia Tan, Lucy Lee, Wesley Huie
Group C - Tristan Kooc, Audrey Huie

2018 USA Junior Wushu Team Trials

Group A - Alex Ni, Mia Tan
Group C - Tristan Kooc

2017 7th World Kungfu Championships, Emishan, China

Group B Male
  • Bryan Gao - 2 Bronze - Double Sword and Cha Quan
  • Alex Nhi - 2 Gold - Imitation Style (Drunken Fist) and Double Broadswords
  • Ayden Nguyen - Gold in Cha Quan
  • Kael Nguyen - 2 Bronze in Traditional Quan and Traditional Double Soft Weapons
  • Alex Nhi, Ayden Nguyen - Bronze - Dual Straight Sword
Group B Female
  • Audrey Huie - Gold - Bagua Barehand
Group D Female
  • Mandy Huie - 2 Gold - Yang Style Taiji Barehand and Taiji Sword
  • Haoji Wu - Gold - Yang Style Taiji Barehand and Taiji Sword
  • Susan Young - Silver - Yang Style Taiji Barehand
  • Mandy Huie - 2 Gold - Yang Style Taiji Barehand and Taiji Sword
Group E Female
  • Qijing Yue - 2 Gold - Yang Style Taiji Barehand and Taiji Sword
Group Taijiquan Barehand
  • Omei Team (Dorothy Hsiao, Audrey Huie, Mandy Huie, Weihua Jiang, Haojie Wu, Susan Young, Qijing Yue) - Gold

14th World Wushu Championships, Kazan, Russia

Mia Tian - Silver - Female Changquan
Mia Tian, Lucy Lee - Silver - Female Duilian

US Wushu Team Trials, Lubbock Texas

Team A - Wesley Huie, Lucy Lee, Dominic Chow, Mia Tian
Team B - Audrey Huie

2016 6th World Junior Wushu Championships, Burgas, Bulgaria

Group A Male - Domininc Chow - 8th in Daoshu, 5th in Changquan/Gunshu
Group A Female - Lucy Lee - gold in Nandao, 5th in Nanquan/Nangun
Group B Male - Alex Nhi - 7th in Jianshu, 6th in Qiangshu
Group B Female - Audrey Huie - 6th in Jianshu, 8th in Qiangshu
Mia Tian - Bronze in Daoshu, Silver in Gunshu
Group C Female - Hannah Huang - bronze in Qiangshu

2016 USAWKF Junior Wushu Team Trials, San Jose, CA

Team A Group A - Dominic Chow, Lucy Lee
Team A Group B - Mia Tian, Alex Ni
Team B Group A - Jason Zou
Team B Group B - Audrey Huie
Team C Group C - Tristan Kooc

2016 2nd World Taijiquan National Team, San Jose, CA

Lucy Lee, Teresa Wong, Xue Ming Huie, Alan Zhao

2015 13th World Wushu Championships, Jakarta, Indonesia

Lucy Lee - Silver in Nanquan, Bronze in Nandao
Amy Li - Silver in Daoshu, Bronze in Compulsory Changquan
Amy Li/Emily Fan - Bronze in Duilian

2015 US Wushu Team Trials

Dominic Chow, Wesley Huie, Emily Fan, Amy Li and Lucy Lee earned spots on the US National Team. Trials held in San Jose, CA Jul 18-19

2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing, China

Amy Li earned a gold medal (Women's Daoshu/Gunshu all-around)
Wesley Huie earned 2 bronze medals (Men's Changquan and Men's Jianshu/Qiangshu all-around)
Emily Fan earned a bronze medal (Women's Jianshu/Qianshu all-around)

2014 5th World Junior Wushu Championships Results - videos

Wesley Huie: Gold - Group A Jianshu, Silver - Group A Qiangshu, 8th - Group A Changquan
Amy Li: Gold - Group A Daoshu, Silver - Group A Gunshu
Emily Fan: Bronze - Group A Changquan, Jianshu, Qiangshu
Lucy Lee: Bronze - Group B Nandao, 5th - Group B Nanquan, 7th - Group B Nangun
Mia Tian: Gold - Group C Changquan, 10th - Group C Nangun
Wesley Huie and Dominic Chow: 8th - Group A Duilian Event
Emily Fan and Amy Li: Bronze - Group A Duilian Event
Dominic Chow: 8th - Group A Staff Event

2014 O-mei USA National Team Members

Group A - Wesley Huie, Dominic Chow, Emily Fan, Amy Li
Group B - Lucy Lee, Jason Zou
Group C - Mia Tian

2014 Pan American Wushu Championships San Jose, Costa Rica (Team USA)

Dominic Chow: Gold medal for Boy's Group A Chanqquan, Group A Daoshu
Justin Hu: Gold medal for Boy's Group C Gunshu

2013 12th World Wushu Championships Results

Wesley Huie: 5th - Compulsory Changquan, 12th - Jianshu, 12th - Qiangshu
Emily Fan: 3rd - Qiangshu, 12th - Jianshu, 12th - Changquan
Lucy Lee: 10th - Nanquan, 16th - Nandao, 17th - Nangun

2013 USA Wushu National Team members

A team - Colvin Wang, Wesley Huie, Emily Fan, Lucy Lee
B team - Amy Li
C team - Mia Tian

4th World Jr Wushu Championships

Wesley Huie: 1st - Jianshu , 1st - Qiangshu
Raymond Bao: 7th - Jianshu, 8th -Qiangshu
Amy Li: 1st - Gunshu
Lucy Li: 4th - Daoshu
Emily Fan: 4th - Jianshu
Pierre Quan: 4th - Qiangshu

11th World Wushu Championships

Colvin Wang: 2nd - Jianshu, 2nd - Qianshu, 3rd - Changquan

2011 US Wushu Team Trials

Colvin Wang: 1st - Changquan
Alan Zhao: 1st - Taiji Quan, 1st Taiji Straight Sword
Eugene Moy: 3rd - Broadsword
Lucy Lee: 3rd Southern Fist, Southern Broadsword and Southern Staff

2011 Golden State International

Mia Tian: 1st place in Optional Long Fist, Elementary Long Fist, Elementary Straight Sword and Elementary Spear
2nd Place in Elementary Staff
3nd Place All Around Champion

3rd World Jr Wushu Championship

Amy Li: 1st - Daoshu
Emily Fan: 2nd - Changquan, 3rd - Jianshu
Wesley Huie: 2nd - Jianshu
Jason Zou: 10th - Daoshu

8th Pan-American Wushu Championships

Male Changquan: 1st Donovan Hui, 3rd Penyu Fan
Female Changquan: 1st Claudine Tran
Male Jr Changquan: 3rd Eric Yi (B group), 2nd Roy Ke (C group)
Male Daoshu: 1st Penyu Fan
Female Daoshu: 1st Claudine Tran
Male Qiangshu: 1st Donovan Hui
Male Jr Qiangshu: 2nd Wen Li
Male Qiangshu: 1st Donovan Hui
Male Jr group Jianshu: 3rd Wen Li (B group)
Male Gunshu: 3rd Eugene Moy
Female Gunshu: 2nd Claudine Tran
Male Jr Gunshu: 3rd Dominic Chow (C group)

US Jr Wushu National team members

A team: Amy Li, Emily Fan, Jason Zou, Raymond Bao, Wesley Huie
B team: Dominic Chow
C team: Kevin Qin, Lucy Lee

10th World Wushu Championship

Colvin Wang: 2nd - Qiangshu

2nd US Wushu Jr National Team

Colvin Wang, Tenyia Lee, Emily Fan, Ryan Feng, Max Ehrlich, Catherine Archer, Wesley Huie, Raymond Bao

Beijing Wushu Tournament

O-mei students, Colvin Wang and Tenyia Lee qualified to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Wushu tournament.